What Tire Is Right For Me?

When you speak to us, we use our extensive knowledge to recommend the tire that best fits your budget, driving needs and habits. We tailor our advice to you on an individual basis, recognizing that each one of our customers is unique.

Here are 4 important questions you should keep in mind when buying tires:

1. How much do you drive? Is it mainly highway or city?

If you drive less than 10,000 km in a year, then a “Good” rank tire may be ideal for you. You really don’t need a premium “Best” rank tire such as a Michelin or Pirelli. All tires break down with age and as a result you would only be wasting your money and not getting the full benefit of such an expensive tire.

On the other hand, if you drive 60,000km in a year or more, then a “Best” rank tire may be ideal for you. Not only do premium tires come with very high kilometer warranties, but the internal components of the tire are made from more durable materials. Since you drive so much, you are guaranteed to get the most out of these tires, even if they are expensive.


2. Who drives the car? What kind or driver are they (aggressive, alert, anxious, calm, etc.)?

If you are buying the tire for yourself consider what kind of driving experience will bring you the most happiness. If you like to push your car to the limit and make sharp turns and cut into a corner, then a performance “Best” brand rank tire might be your choice. Alternatively, if you prefer a soft, easy ride that gives up performance in exchange for comfort, a soft quiet “Best” or “Better” brand rank tire would be recommended.

If you are buying the tires for someone else (spouse, mother, teenage child, etc.) then you should strongly consider how they drive. We would recommend a “Better” or “Best” rank tire to give you peace of mind. On the other hand if you have full confidence in the individual’s driving ability, then perhaps you can save by buying a “Good” brand rank tire.

3. Does road noise bother you? How old is your car? Is it a luxury or economy model?

The age of a car tends to affect the amount of road noise that is transmitted into the interior of the vehicle. Some components on older models likely no longer perform as they used to when the car was new, and as a result the inside of the car is more noisy. Luxury models tend to have better soundproofing materials whereas economy models might not.

If you drive a car that is already noisy then paying extra for a tire that is quiet might not really benefit you. We recommend going with a “Good” brand rank tire.

If you have a new or luxury car, then you may want to consider getting quieter “Better” or “Best” brand rank tires so that the interior of your vehicle remains silent.


4. What is my 5 year budget?

People often only think about tire price at the initial time of purchase. Now while this is a very important factor in the decision making process we recommend you also think about planning for the future.

Do you intend to keep the car you are buying the tires for? If so for how long? If you just spent a thousand dollars or more on mechanical repairs, then we would recommend “Better” or “Best” rank tires since you are probably committed to keeping this car for a longer period of time.

If you are thinking of selling your car within a year then we would recommend “Good” rank tires since it does not make financial sense to sink money into a car you no longer want.

Here is an important equation to consider: Spend $500 on “Best” rank tires once every 5 years, or spend $350 on “Good” rank tires once every 2.5 years (ie. $700 in 5 years). That’s a $200 difference. Tires that seem cheaper initially may end up costing you more if you drive a lot and have to replace them more frequently.

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