Used Tires near St. Catharines

Used Tires near St. Catharines

used tires

Get the best deal possible when you buy used tires near St. Catharines!

At Round & Around Tire Inc., we offer you a great selection of high-quality yet affordable used tires that is right for your budget. When it comes to tire replacement, it does not necessarily mean buying new, expensive tires. Our company understands that new tires can be a significant expense. That is why we are here to save your day by offering lower-cost options for most cars.

Used Tires for Sale near St. Catharines

Our affordable St. Catharine used tires are quality-assured to ensure road safety and meet your driving needs. We also offer a warranty on all our pre-owned tires, especially the more economical brands, to assure reliability and quality. We take the worry out of purchasing used tires. Our tire specialists take time to carefully assess each tire. We test them for signs of damage using state-of-the-art inspection machines to guarantee superior performance standards. Our highly trained staff will do everything in their power to provide tires with the same durability and performance as new ones.

We do more than help you save money on your tires — we go the extra mile to ensure your safety and exceed your expectation and satisfaction.


Why Choose Round & Around Tires?

At Round & Around Tires, we not only sell quality used tires but also educate and assist our customers in choosing the right brand that matches their specific requirements while ensuring a budget-friendly price for the most value-added purchase possible. We carry a wide selection of tire brands to ensure you get the highest quality for your money’s worth:

  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Goodyear
  • Firestone
  • and Many More!

We also sell different types of tires, including new tires and winter tires in our Hamilton tire shop.

If you are looking for a trusted dealer that sells used tires near St. Catharines, look no further than Round & Around Tires Ltd. Call us today at (905) 393-8474 or visit our tire shop at 482 Barton St. East Hamilton.