Rims in Hamilton

Rims are a vital part of every automobile. That’s why when purchasing rims, you need to rely on a trusted source. Round & Around Tire is your go-to for all your tire needs. We offer new tire rims for sale in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Let us help you find the right rims for your vehicle.

What to Consider When Choosing New Rims for Your Tires

When shopping for a new set of rims, one of the primary factors for selection is aesthetics. However, that shouldn’t be the only factor. Your choice of rims impacts the performance of your vehicle, which is why you also need to take into consideration other elements including:


You can go with a larger or smaller diameter however clearance of the fender as well as the brake caliper needs to be considered.


The wrong offset can reduce the stability of the vehicle stability and disrupt braking, making choice of rims crucial for driving safety. The right offset ensures your vehicle has enough clearance so nothing hits or grazes parts like the suspension and brakes.


Backspacing is the space between the interior edge of the wheel to the mounting surface. Shallower backspacing provides interior wheel clearance that minimizes tire rubbing risks.

Load Rating

The load rating of a tire indicates how much weight the tire can carry and must not be exceeded. Forged wheels have the highest load rating while steel wheels often have lower load rates than cast aluminum ones.

To choose the best tire rims for your vehicle, make sure to work with professionals. Having expert opinion on your new rims helps ensure that you get suitable rims that both look good and are functional. Rely on Round & Around Tire Inc. to offer the best car rims for sale near you.

Turn to a Trusted Car Rim Shop in Hamilton

For quality wheel rims and tires for sale in Hamilton, trust Round & Around Tire Inc. Our shop does not only provide car rims for sale, we also offer a full suite of services that ensures your tires are properly cared for and maintained. We provide tire repair, tire rotation, and tire installation and balancing. Our team of experts guarantees unparalleled service so your buying experience that is both beneficial and satisfying. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your tire mileage so you can save more money in the long run.

Reach out to us by calling (905) 393-8474 for inquiries. Alternatively, you can stop by our shop at 482 Barton St. East Hamilton, L8L 2Y8 and find out why Hamilton vehicle owners consider us as their go-to shop for all their tire and rim needs. Trust Round & Around Tire Inc. if you need car rims for sale near you.