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With hundreds of millions of dollars invested in technology over the past few years, many Chinese factories now have equal and sometimes times better quality tires than those manufactured in older North American or European facilities. Round & Around Tire Inc. only carries brands that are trustworthy and that have proven themselves in the market. Many of our customers love the cost savings from buying good quality Chinese tires and we are happy to sell them at our Tire Stores Hamilton.

However, it is important to be weary of cheap imitation products or unknown brands that sell at very low prices. There are only 4 points of contact where the tires touch the road that stop you and your vehicle. Saving the few extra dollars to buy the very cheapest tires is really not worth the risk.

If budget is a serious concern for you, you are absolutely better off buying used tires from a better brand rather than spending the same amount of money on a set of new ultra-cheap tires. Contact us today to see how we can help you find The Right Tire At The Best Price!

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